Free Heri Heri

Commemorate by sharing a meal.


On the 1st of July, we celebrate and commemorate the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. On this day every year, Kip Republic distributes free Heri Heri Meals. Heri Heri is a dish made by enslaved ancestors during the transatlantic slave trade. Kip Republic distributes these meals because they believe it’s important for people to have ongoing conversations about the history we all share. When consuming a Heri Heri meal, people can connect and have that important conversation. Kip Republic asked Home to create a video to raise awareness for the purpose of Free Heri Heri.

Campaign idea

We invited Leroy Niemel and Gijs Stork to prepare a Heri Heri meal and consume it together. Leroy Niemel descends from the enslaved family Niemel, and Gijs Stork descends from slave owners Lespinasse. During the preparation and consumption of the meal, they had a conversation about their history.

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